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Everyone who comes to Stettler Learning Centre is provided with the opportunity to sit with a learning advisor to better understand their goals, needs, current levels, and create an individual plan that plants them for success and includes intake into the best program or learning opportunity for them.

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IELTS Level Improvement class

What is IELTS?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is Canada’s most popular high-stakes English-Language test. Accepted as a proof of English proficiency for study at all universities and colleges in Canada, and for permanent residency and citizenship by provincial and federal governments, IELTS is the test that opens doors.

Do you want to go to University but need to improve your IELTS level?

Come to a class to work on your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
*Note: You must be at least an IELTS Level 5 to join this class.

Canadian Citizenship Test Preparation

Are you ready for the Canadian Citizenship Test? Come to a class to help you learn what you need to pass the test!

Study Book Included!

We will do practice tests together and learn about:

  • Canada history and modern Canada
  • Canadian government and federal elections
  • Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
  • Canadian economy and much more
  • Other English Language Test Preparation

Other EnGlish Language Tests

Are you looking for more information about the TOEFL and CELPIP tests? We can help! 

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