Learner Advising & Assessment

Everyone who comes to Stettler Learning Centre is provided with the opportunity to sit with a learning advisor to better understand their goals, needs, current levels, and create an individual plan that plants them for success and includes intake into the best program or learning opportunity for them.

One-On-One Tutoring | Group Tutoring

If you are new to the English language and looking to improve your English skills, we are here to help. Our ESL Learning Tutors bring fun and friendly learning into the small group setting or to you on a one-on-one basis.

All language learning opportunities encourage learners to develop new skills in all areas of the English language; reading, writing, listening and speaking. Covering topics that relate to everyday living, students will gain new confidence in their language skills at home, at school or in the workplace. Come for the fun lessons and meet lots of new friends.

Meet with our learning advisor to determine which program would suit you best. Please call our office or stop by – we would love to meet you.

Struggling to learn English? Want to meet people? We have resources to help you to succeed!